Proud Mongols’ dream fulfilled with joy
Youth that’s chosen to be employed
People of CAML at Oyu Tolgoi site
Strong and enthusiastic we parade

Before the shift we early morning rise
To hug the greeting golden sunrise
The job I like till hold my breath
And clocks that ticking all the best

Devine the fortune gave this chance
To bear employer’s logo on my chest
Great achievements are waiting to be built
On sunny days there, out in the field

To beautiful home country’s youth I’m proud of
The company’s objectives greatly to pay off
In each corner of the globe to have a branch embraced
I raise this Moon-mother’s milk and praise!

Oyu Tolgoi / 2007-09-08 /


We are looking for a Procurement & Supply Chain Officer in Major Drilling Mongolia LLC 


We are looking for a Procurement & Supply Chain Officer in Major Drilling Mongolia LLC 

 Deadline: 2019/08/10
Contact us: 7713-0303, 9493-0303

Main requirement of this role:

•    Multi Lingual with a high level of both Mongolian and English is essential for this role 
•    Previous experience as Purchasing Officer or similar role would be an advantage 
•    Strong organisational, planning and prioritising skills
•    People orientated with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. 
•    Strong attention to detail and analytical skills 
•    Excellent work character
•    Strong commitment to workplace health and safety
•    Illustrate initiative and responsibility
•    Honesty and high level of integrity
•    Strong time management, judgment and decision making skills
•    Resourceful and good negotiation skills
•    Knowledge of market research
•    Good understanding of supply chain procedures with knowledge of ethical and legal purchasing practices
•    Candidates have a valid Mongolian Drivers License.

Responsibility of this role: 

•    Procure a wide range of goods and services at the best possible value whilst ensuring Major Drilling Mongolia’s safety/quality standards are maintained
•    Process field requisition documents, evaluate offers and lead purchase negotiation / implementation.
•    Establish and manage positive relationships with critical suppliers and develop key relationships with industry groups to the benefit of Major Drilling Mongolia’s operations.
•    Follow through with the entire supply chain process regularly engaging with suppliers and Logistics providers to ensure delivery times are on track.
•    Participate in Inventory control processes such as Stock takes and re ordering   
•    With the management team, assist with the development of the annual sourcing plan and participate in the development and implementation of improvement projects and initiatives.
•    Contribute to our safety culture and ensuring utilization of our Intelex safety system