Proud Mongols’ dream fulfilled with joy
Youth that’s chosen to be employed
People of CAML at Oyu Tolgoi site
Strong and enthusiastic we parade

Before the shift we early morning rise
To hug the greeting golden sunrise
The job I like till hold my breath
And clocks that ticking all the best

Devine the fortune gave this chance
To bear employer’s logo on my chest
Great achievements are waiting to be built
On sunny days there, out in the field

To beautiful home country’s youth I’m proud of
The company’s objectives greatly to pay off
In each corner of the globe to have a branch embraced
I raise this Moon-mother’s milk and praise!

Oyu Tolgoi / 2007-09-08 /





Deadline: 2019/08/20
Contact us: 7713-0303, 9493-0303

    Undergraduate or equivalent or higher education obtained through degrees or diplomas from academic college or universities
    Linguistics, Interpretation or relevant discipline
    At least 3 years relevant experience, or otherwise the significant practical experience and on the job training
    Able to communicate and write with native like proficiency in English language
    Able to work by 14/7 roster in mine site

    Provide written, verbal, and field translation services to teams on site 
    Ensure that original meaning of a text is not lost 
    Ensure technical terms are correctly translated
    Ensure translation is grammatically correct
    Manage and maintain translation tools and resources effectively
    Material contribution to reducing Mongolian-English language barriers in the group 
    Conduct verbal translation during meetings when required 
    Following ethical codes that protect the confidentiality of information
    Meet deadlines  
    Provide timely support and feedback to the department manager facilitating management decision making process
    Initiate, develop, and maintain effective and sustainable relationships with external stakeholders
    Manage work relationships effectively ensuring compliance with all procedures and processes