Proud Mongols’ dream fulfilled with joy
Youth that’s chosen to be employed
People of CAML at Oyu Tolgoi site
Strong and enthusiastic we parade

Before the shift we early morning rise
To hug the greeting golden sunrise
The job I like till hold my breath
And clocks that ticking all the best

Devine the fortune gave this chance
To bear employer’s logo on my chest
Great achievements are waiting to be built
On sunny days there, out in the field

To beautiful home country’s youth I’m proud of
The company’s objectives greatly to pay off
In each corner of the globe to have a branch embraced
I raise this Moon-mother’s milk and praise!

Oyu Tolgoi / 2007-09-08 /


Interview Points


Points to consider throughout the interview 

Be prepared with answers to the traditional interview questions. Rehearse your answers with a friend who will give you honest feedback about the content of your answer and body language.

  1. Aim for clarity, brevity and above all, honesty. Give honest answers with a positive tone.
  2. Concentrate on the employer’s needs, not yours.
  3. Emphasize how you can help the organization achieve its goals.
  4. Describe your past responsibilities and accomplishments.
  5. Explain why you approached projects in a certain ways.
  6. Explain how the skills you bring will benefit the organization.
  7. Don’t downplay your accomplishments or attribute them to luck.
  8. Be specific in your answers.
  9. Ask for clarification if you are unsure of the question.

Ask the employer if they think it would be helpful to add information about skills or experiences that you believe are relevant but which have not been covered during the interview.

Take responsibility for communicating your strengths. Don’t rely on the interviewer to pull it out of you. Consider the types of skills and characteristics you think the employer needs in the applicant to be successful in the job, e.g. attention to detail, diplomacy, leadership, persistence, problem solving and planning, stress management, team building, technical etc.

Once you have determined what you think the employer will be looking for, write out examples of situations that showed your skills in those areas. Explain your past successes. The more clearly you can describe the experience, the more you’ll stand out in the interviewer’s mind.