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We are hiring a Short-Term Planner

Duties and Responsibilities:


Identify the requirement for maintenance through assigned maintenance tactics, observations, inspections, failures, this includes:

  • Review approved notifications, allocating initial priority for tasks & provide feedback to the originator on Status of the Notification
  • Review and ensure integrity of long-term maintenance plans are aligned with short term plan
  • Review and prioritise urgent work requests, into short term (+4 weeks to +1 week) maintenance plan


Develop 4-week Maintenance Plan to ensure maintenance work task execution can be performed safely, efficiently, and effectively and in support of maintenance tactics. This includes:

  • Detailed planning of work orders, which includes:
  • Review work in required schedule period taking into consideration (Asset criticality, statutory work, warranty, repairable / rotable, severity and safety impact)
  • Review Long Term Plan requirements (e.g., track access alignments, major changeouts planned etc.)
  • Estimating and assigning labour requirements (both internal and external) and identify materials, tooling, equipment needed
  • Grouping of tasks / operations into logically sequenced activities with resource levelling for the planned period 
  • Facilitate development of work order instructions (PRT, task list) including management of HSE risks and document in SAP
  • Set correct statuses on planned work orders to ready for scheduling and confirm system set up incl assign revision in SAP, and release PM01 work orders
  • Provide prioritisation of all work orders within accountable area (identifying key drivers online or offline)
  • Identify any potential scope conflict and repackage the activities, amending duration of required downtime when necessary
  • Arrange specialised external contractors /suppliers (for planner driven work) and commence Contractor Management to engage

Review Maintenance budget: involved in the development of budget for allowance works and provide input to the overall ZBB


Analysis/ review of the maintenance plan:

  • Capture/ review maintenance work order effectiveness and accuracy, review plan effectiveness in terms of task lists and tactics
  • Review maintenance history, damage, cause, functional failure and follow up with maintenance team as required to ensure accurate data is being captured into the system
  • Review parts readiness (long lead items in conjunction with LTP) and complete repairable/rotable tags)
  • Participate in relevant Work Management Meetings to review and mature plan into executable schedule. This includes:
  • Pre meeting | Preparing weekly work management performance report (i.e., WO completion by count and hours, Schedule compliance, Planning accuracy and other CRI metrics) 
  • Post meeting | Address any actions from review meetings, which includes supporting/ following up actions for supervisors/ others to maintain work order hygiene for closing out WOs
  • Identify issues during daily meetings, to inform improvements to short term and long-term planning (e.g.., raise Oos, set min/ max, set catalogue items) 
  • Deliver (and distribute) responsible actions per post review sessions

Planned vs Actual (monthly) reconciliation of maintenance budget, which includes reviewing planned vs actual spend, preparing & reviewing cost performance reports with cost centre owners and capturing/ monitoring budget conformance to plan actions.


  • Undergraduate or equivalent or higher education obtained through degrees or diplomas from academic college or universities.
  • Science, Engineering, Health, Safety, Environment or relevant discipline. 
  • At least 3 years relevant experience, or otherwise the significant practical experience and on the job training.

Contract term: 5 months

Work Location: UB/Site

Email: info@caml.mn
Phone: 7713-0303, 85840303