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We are hiring an Environmental and Social Performance Manager

Has a primary responsibility for daily inspection and monitoring of implementation of the CESMP and sub-plans on the construction sites. Specific duties include:
• Overall engagement and consultation processes with the affected communities and other stakeholders on environmental and social issues arising from the project implementation;
• Prepare monthly and as-needed incident reports and submit them to the Engineer;
• Take an urgent action when/if feedback is received from the MCA-Mongolia and the Engineer, monitoring and reporting on the implementation of follow-up actions;
• Oversee environmental management of the construction sites and day-to-day management of environmental issues;
• Instruct employees of the Contractor and subcontractor(s) to cease operations when necessary or inform others to prevent unsafe working practices or other infringements of the CESMP or relevant environmental regulations;
• Organizing and delivering necessary trainings, appropriate communication, and reporting;
• Managing external grievances and complaints raised regarding environmental and/or social issues arising from the project implementation;
• Maintain a site diary/record-book comprehensively recording all relevant matters concerning the construction sites’ environmental management, safety, and traffic control, inspections, and audits, related incidents and the like.

Experience managing environmental and social performance on at
least two international projects of similar scale and complexity in the last five (5) years is required. Experience should include
development and implementation of ESMPs, compliance with IFC
Performance Standards or similar donor environmental and social
safeguard requirements and stakeholder engagement. Demonstrated ability to work in an integrated multidisciplinary team.
Excellent proficiency in reading, writing and speaking English is
required. Experience with IFC Performance Standards experience
will be considered an advantage

Application deadline: 13th February
Email: info@caml.mn
Phone: 7713-0303, 99099165