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We are hiring a Scheduler

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Delivers accurate schedules in accordance with planned instructions
  • Facilitates the daily maintenance coordination and weekly scheduling meetings
  • Compiles/prepares ‘next week’ draft schedule for weekly meetings, and final schedule to reflect meeting commitments
  • Monitor implementation of plans and report variations
  • Source needed information, people, parts, materials and equipment
  • Get the asset owner to make the asset available at an agreed time and in an agreed condition
  • Organize time to talk, follow-up, question, track what the supply chain is doing to get the jobs ready
  • Schedule and assign the work integrating both the customer's and maintainer's needs
  • Coordinating maintenance work and projects
  • Create PM schedules on all critical equipment and regulatory-regulated equipment
  • Generate metrics to demonstrate performance and drive improvements
  • Completes any other tasks as needed or as directed by management
  • Develop a one-week schedule for each crew based on man hours available, forecast that shows highest skill available, job priorities, and information from the job plans
  • Direct to cover planners daily activities                                                                                                                                               
  • Coordinate all shutdowns and its required equipment according to Gantt Chart   
  • Schedule the works with weather and according to Down equipment        


  • Undergraduate or equivalent or higher education obtained through degrees or diplomas from academic college or universities.
  • Relevant experience typically achieved through vocational trainings and equivalent practical experience or on-the-job training.

Contract term: 2 years

Work Location: UB

Email: info@caml.mn

Phone: 7713-0303, 85840303