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We are hiring a Maintainer

We are hiring a Maintainer

  • Demonstrates understanding of basic statistical analysis & reporting techniques;
  • Demonstrates understanding of relevant metallurgical, statistical & accounting software deployed within concentrator operations.
  • Demonstrates understanding of basic processes, SWPs & and safety requirements for the assigned area of operation within the concentrator.
  • Demonstrates understanding of expert control systems & process variables for the assigned area of operation within the concentrator.
  • Is familiar with all contractors working at the mine site & the services provided by them;
  • Demonstrates understanding of the quality control & safety measures associated with contractor management in own area of work.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of equipment used within the assigned area of operation & has successfully completed relevant training/certifications related to equipment operation;
  • Demonstrates understanding of the applicable safety guidelines for equipment operation.
  • Demonstrates understanding of production targets/plans, schedules & safety requirements & and their application within the assigned area of operation.


Secondary or equivalent education obtained through degrees, certificates or diplomas from academic or vocational high school trainings.

Maintenance Engineers or relevant discipline is preferable. 


Relevant experience typically achieved through vocational trainings and equivalent practical experience or on-the-job training.

Contract term: 5 months

Location: On-site
Email: info@caml.mn
Phone: 7713-0303, 85840303