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We are hiring a Senior Electrical Engineer.

We are hiring a Senior Electrical Engineer. 

Duties and responsibilities
•  Fully understand the operating philosophies related to the electrical high voltage systems and equipment and their associated control systems particularly the IMPC 220kV power supply, 220kV and 35kV Substations, 35kV OHL networks both in ISBL and OSBL, and the high voltage system in various Infrastructure and site service facilities.
• Provide advice and assistance in carrying-out diagnostic testing and troubleshooting related to the HV equipment and system faults.
• Good understanding the Mongolian and international regulations and standards (IEC, IEEE, NFPA, BNbD-103, etc..) for the equipment installation and maintenance. 
• Collects and evaluates data, and develops plans for assignments that may involve design application.
• Perform detailed analysis on electrical high voltage systems and equipment performance.
• Provide recommendations and action plan to achieve efficient and reliable performance specifically those related to protective relaying and power system engineering.  
• Lead and/or coordinate with maintenance personnel in conducting strategic data acquisition and performance evaluation of the electrical high-voltage system and equipment.
• Develop SWP and associated checklist to assist in ensuring quality PMO1 works.
• Carry out all work in accordance with Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality systems.
• To effectively coordinate for the success in implementing the skills development program for maintainers.
• Assist in ensuring the expectation of business leaders’ in relation to cost, timetable and scheduling are achieved. 
• Be able to make cost analysis on reliability problems, particularly on the impact of severity on HV electrical system and control failure. 
• To provide accurate inputs for budgeting and control purposes.  
• Assist to Energy Savings Manager in implementing the energy and cost savings solutions projects
• Assist to leader in implementing the feasibility study of CAPEX and OPEX, HSE risk elimination projects 
• Provides technical support and direction to project stakeholders.


  • Postgraduate or equivalent education obtained through degrees or diplomas from academic colleges or universities.
  • Engineering, Mining, Maintenance, or relevant discipline.


  • At least 5 years relevant experience, or otherwise significant practical experience and on-the-job training.

General skills

  • Able to create and develop a variety of documents and templates on MS Office software by using automatic functions of the software.
  • Knows and uses hidden functions within the MS Office software (e.g., use Developer tab, Animation tab, Add ins, etc.
  • Able to read, write, understand, and communicate large scales of content & information with more sophisticated vocabulary and varied verb tenses.

Contract term: 1 year 

Application deadline: 28th April

Email: info@caml.mn

Phone: 7713-0303, 85840303