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We are hiring Safety Advisor

• Actively engage and participate in operational prestarts meetings on regular basis to provide safety support to frontline leaders and teams regarding actively shape the discussion on manage all risks for that shift
• Support leaders to ensure OT HSE banners and selected PFI banners by the operational leaders are shared in the operational prestart meetings in a timely manner and lessons learnt and actions generated from the discussion is captured and tracked
• Support leaders to ensure health and hygiene practices e.g. Covid controls, BAC testing are conducted as per best practice during prestart meetings
• Participates in HSE internal and external audits, critical control verifications, assessments, inspections, observations and sampling
• Conducts regular observations and inspections to verify compliance and ensure compliance with applicable health and safety standards;
• Conducts spot checks of mobile plant and equipment to ensure pre-start checks are conducted and all plant items are fit for purpose and the checklist is being completed correctly and identified faults are being rectified
• Conducts inspections and spot checks for compliance against the underground traffic management plan, vehicles and driving standards and procedures, report all non-conformances
• Conducts regular observations and inspections to verify compliance to the working at heights standards and procedures, report all non-conformances;
• Conduct regular observations and inspections to verify compliance to the confined space standards and procedures, report all non-conformances;
• Conducts regular observations and inspections of Crane and lifting activities and ensure cranes are operated, inspected and maintained in accordance with the Cranes and Lifting standards and procedures. Ensure all lifting equipment register has been established and maintained for all lifting equipment; Conduct observations and inspections of activities requiring a permit to work, to ensure full compliance to the permit to work system;
• Conducts random checks of work areas and tool bags for prohibited items and ensure communication is posted underground on notice boards and within workshops showing these prohibited items;
• Conducts regular spot check inspections of all pressurised equipment underground and ensure it meets the requirements and is uniquely identified, inspected and registered.
• Conducts regular observations and inspections to verify compliance to the D1 and other general safety standards and procedures, report all non-conformances;
• Conduct field verification of SWPs and support developing TBCCCs
• Ensure all known incidents are reported immediately;
• Field based work to ensure that all tasks being completed to the required standard as defined by safe work procedures or approved risk assessments, and that the team completing the work can describe the risks, and the effectiveness of implemented controls
• Field based coach and support supervisors, team leaders and work teams on developing and assessing a level 1 risk assessment including JHA, Track, SWPs and Permit to Work for particular tasks to support safe work. 
• Participate in supervisor’s field time activities such as CCFV, HIP verfication, Hazard identification, workplace inspection, observation to support on build capability in frontline leaders 
• Support and coach leaders on infield incident investigation
• Support coaching and developing Contractors HSE teams for alignment with OT HSE systemsField based coach and support work teams on verfication of Critical Control checklist (CCC) to prevention of fatality risks in daily work 
• Other additional duties such as support line leaders on delivering UG orientation, UG VOC, visitors induction etc.
Professional background
Undergraduate or equivalent or higher education obtained through degrees or diplomas from academic college or universities.
Science, Engineering, Health, Safety, Environment or relevant discipline
At least 5 years relevant experience, or otherwise the significant practical experience and on the job training.

Contract term: 1 year

Application deadline: 27th March

Email: info@caml.mn

Phone: 7713-0303, 85840303