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We are hiring a Coach

Job description:

• Collaborate and align with leadership team to identify and assess employee training and coaching needs.

• Identify essential technical and leadership competencies for a level of work.

• Challenge and support actions to achieve personal goals of the leadership coaches.

• Effectively identify, maintain, and deliver employee leadership development program.

• Deliver internal coaching in a professional and collaborative manner to improve performance, build confidence and stretch capability.

• Provide support and demonstrate positive behaviors with visible leadership to promote our leadership program engagement, rewarding cultures and productive teams.


• Human resources or Business Administration, Education, Psychology, Coaching or a discipline relevant to the performing functions, Advanced English

• Background may include over 4-5 year experience in Leadership development, training facilitation/delivery, coaching, mentoring, and psychology.

• Advantage is having working experience in educational field, mining and construction industries. Working in multinational work environment.

• Cert IV


Contract term: 1 year

Application deadline: 15th February

Email: info@caml.mn

Phone: 7713-0303, 99099165